10th Birthday Party

10th Birthday Party

We can hardly believe it’s been ten years since WEST was first established in 2006. We are proud and honoured by the company’s growth, from a self-contained beer hall and brewery with only a handful of beers sold on the premises, to a nationally renowned company supplying award-winning beers to over 1,000 venues nation-wide and as far afield as Russia and Hong Kong. What a thrill it has been to see WEST grow!

We wanted to mark this milestone with the appropriate festivities – and what a party it was! With an invite-only guest list in the hundreds, attendees came from the far reaches of the country just for the night. WEST brewed a beer in honour of the occasion, ‘Party Pils’, and – biggest of all – unveiled the new Courtyard events space for all to see! It was the perfect occasion for the grand opening of the large space with high ceilings, brick walls, and windows overlooking WEST’s freshly completed state-of-the-art new brewery housed within the Templeton building as well.

To top off what was already a fantastic evening with endless pints of WEST beer, the 1980s band ‘Go West’ serenaded the crowd with a set of their classic songs, set to the backdrop of the new brewery shining with multi-coloured lights.

All together it was a fun night and a pleasure to welcome such a varied group of people who have helped WEST develop over the years. Too bad things got cut short by the late fire alarm – guess the heat of the night was too much for the newly fitted sensors!

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