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A note from Petra on behalf of all WESTies

A note from Petra on behalf of all WESTies

Dear Friends

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. They say a week is a long time in politics, but it’s even longer under COVID-19 lock-down!

 On day 4 of staying at home last week I got so frustrated I shaved all the hair (on my head!) off and am now emulating some of my favourite men in my life who are all bald (most of them NOT by choice!). I won’t scare you with a photo. You just have to take my word for it. The funny thing is apart from getting really chilly when I take Brian out for our 1-hour approved exercise per day I actually really love my baldy head. You may see me sporting this new look when WEST reopens!

 Despite having had a few cries of late (and that’s not just watching some really bad rom coms with a can of WEST4 in hand!) I am more determined than ever that this won’t be the end of WEST. In fact, I made a list of jobs I would need to apply for if this all ended in tears and I promise you “German language teacher” was one of the less ridiculous ones. That exercise taught me I love WEST almost as much as I love being a mum to Noah.

In line with government guidelines, all but 5 WESTies have now been furloughed to save their employment. It was always my priority to ensure everyone still has a job to come back to when we are allowed to trade normally again and this was the only way to do this. I just hope the Chancellor will be true to his word and help us pay 12 weeks of everyone’s salary which is a lot of cash, given overnight we lost 95% of our income. So here is a shout out to the 5 dedicated WESTies who are working from home or totally on their own in our warehouse and packaging area.

 First up is Paul, who has been a WESTie almost as long as I have. Paul runs all things logistics at WEST. If you are placing online shop orders right now, it is Paul who packs them up for you and ensures UPS gets them to you safely. Please keep him busy by buying beer and vouchers online. Thank you!

 Gillian is our Marketing WESTie and it is her lovely tone of voice you’ll hear in lots of social media posts (I sometimes get to “play” too, but more often than not, my posts get us into sticky waters, so I try to stay off twitter et al). Gillian is also looking after all things events at WEST so if you and your partner have decided that 3 weeks stuck in the house together isn’t so bad, then you may want to email her at [email protected] and get hitched at WEST on the Green later this year or next year. The party will be wonderful, I promise you.

 And of course our brewers Simon, Ian and Colin (3 of 10 members of our brewing team) are keeping “the show on the road”. We are not brewing at the moment but these three WESTies are taking it in turns to filter and package our beer so that we can get it to our shop and supermarket stockists, as well as to you customers at home who are ordering through our online shop.

 We’ve heard some reports from our followers that their local supermarket was out of some of our products. Our friends at the supermarkets are working so hard to make sure everyone has the essential items that they need and this means that fresh food, medicines and hygiene products are taking priority over luxury items like beer, so please be patient with them. If you find WEST in your local supermarket on one of your essential visits then please pop some in your trolley to support us! If you’re struggling to find it then please order via shop.westbeer.com and we will deliver to you. I’ve listed some of my favourite WEST products below for inspiration!

St. Mungo – my desert island beer!

Buy Bottles

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G40 – our delicious Golden Ale, named after our brewery’s postcode. 12 pack on sale now for £18 (RRP £16)

Buy G40

 Stay at home, look after one another and keep washing your hands. Oh, and if you are home-schooling your kids right now, you are allowed an extra bottle of St. Mungo on each school night.

 Much love to you and your families,

Founding WESTie and Co-owner 

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