Our Team


Alasdair Clem

Brewery Operations Manager

Ally studied brewing at Heriot-Watt University, and worked in breweries in New Zealand and Australia for a decade before moving back to his native Scotland and joining WEST.

Udo Zimmermann

Head Brewer

Udo hails from Germany, and spent years working in the microbiology lab of renowned wheat beer brewers Schneider Weisse. He studied at Weihenstephan University and completed an Apprenticeship at Ulmer Münster Brauerei, affirming his boundless knowledge of German brewing techniques.

Simon Roberts


Simon studied Forensic Chemistry at Glasgow Caledonian University, though his true passion was always for home brewing. He has been at WEST for the better part of five years, first working behind the bar before moving downstairs to the brewery.


Fiona Shields

West Coast Brand Ambassador

Fiona worked in the WEST Events team for the first half of 2016, though she was previously a well-known radio presenter. While she excelled as a wedding and party planner, she was excited to move over to the beer side of WEST operations in September 2016.