Sunshine after the Rain

Sunshine after the Rain

Eaglesham Beer Festival 2016

In the words of Berri, it really was a case of ‘Sunshine after the Rain’ at the Eaglesham Beer Festival 2016. The inaugural beer festival the year prior had been as fun as it was wet. Flash forward twelve months and team WEST were kitted out for any weather eventualities; umbrella: tick, wellies: tick, kagool: tick, snow tyres: tick (maybe that’s too far, but it is Scotland – you just never know). In the end it was sunscreen we should have packed when the start of a heatwave hit Scotland in full force.

20160528_113236Basking in the sunshine is thirsty work so it’s a good thing we came prepared with our Hefeweizen, G.P.A., and of course our flagship St. Mungo lager. Wheat beer is the perfect fruity refreshment on a sunny afternoon so no prizes for guessing which beer we sold out of first. Yes, Eaglesham drank us dry of Hefeweizen.

It can’t be easy being dragged to a beer festival when beer is not your forte but we believe there is a beer for everyone and we proved that over and over again on the playing fields of Eaglesham. One woman explained that she was just going to drink from the gin bar but she promised her husband she would at least have a taste of a beer. We gave her a sample of each of the beers we had on offer – the Hefeweizen was a little too fruity, the St Mungo a little too bitter, but the G.P.A. was just right. Off she went with her half pint in hand proclaiming ‘one will stop his moaning’. We served her at least 3 more throughout the afternoon; a true WEST convert if ever we’ve seen one!

Eaglesham Beer Festival is not just about beer. With some of Scotland’s best producers on site, we must also mention the food. As the queue outside grew at a dramatic rate team WEST decided a late breakfast before the doors opened would be good idea. After humming and hawing over macaroni pasties and whether burritos for breakfast are acceptable we spotted the Aye Love Real Food stall and their award-winning scotch eggs. Love them or hate them they are a picnic classic and with Stornoway black pudding as well as venison with thyme and red wine available how could we resist? Well we didn’t and we were not disappointed. In fact we all left with doggy bags in hand.

We must also give a mention to El Perro Negro Burgers who were barbequing all day. One of our brewers popped over for his dinner and when we smelled the burger he got from the stand it was straight over to put in our dinner order as well!

With great live music, beer pong (which appears to be harder when you’re not sampling the beer) and bales of hay to chill out on between pints it really was a perfect day. Team WEST will be first in line to sign up for 2017 – and make sure you keep an eye out for tickets as this year’s event sold out well in advance.


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